How Can I Stop Being Afraid of the Dentist?


Do you experience unusual sweating and racing heartbeat while at the dental clinic? It’s estimated that 13% to 24% of the people around the world experience the same thing whenever they visit the dentist (source). In one study published in Australian Dental Journal as early as 2006, up to 16.1% of the 7,000+ Australian respondents.

How Do You Teach a Child to Practice Good Oral Hygiene?


Children will benefit most from good oral hygiene as they can avoid most of the dental problems throughout life. Tooth decay, tooth loss and gum disease can be easily prevented but due to poor oral hygiene, these problems remain common (in 5 to 10 year olds, an average of 1.5 decayed, missing or filled teeth,.

How Your Smile Affects Your Life More Than You Think


A great smile can actually make you feel happy just like how our rapid movements affect our mood for the day. Motions affect our emotions and we don’t have to wait for the inspiration or that single happy thought. We can just start with a smile and our emotions will follow. It’s just the beginning.

How Important Is Oral Care in the Elderly


It’s estimated that 75 per cent of adults age 60 and older have missing teeth. Severe gum disease and other oral health issues contribute to that. Worse, missing teeth tell a story about pain and discomfort (e.g. tooth extraction, toothache, tooth decay). As a result, it’s crucial to maintain excellent oral health throughout our lifetime.