Why Do My Gums Hurt?


Persistent sore gums may be a sign you’re brushing your teeth too hard. This is causing you more harm than good. And if you’re rocking braces or dentures, they could be the culprits behind your gum irritation. But it’s not always about the hardware in your mouth – nature’s own rollercoaster, like your menstrual cycle,.

What To Expect During A Filling Treatment 


Dental fillings are a relatively common treatment that are required when a cavity or tooth decay has damaged a tooth or teeth. The most common reason for fillings is lack of proper oral hygiene that, as mentioned, has resulted in cavities or tooth decay. When a dentist finds teeth in poor condition, they may recommend.

Managing Dental Anxiety 


It’s not uncommon for patients visiting the dentist’s office to experience some trepidation about their procedure. Dental treatments are very close-and-personal and can be invasive and this sometimes leads to fear about the experience. Managing dental anxiety is important because it helps patients to feel more comfortable when they are undergoing a necessary procedure.Being able.

Understanding Different Teeth Whitening Methods And Their Effectiveness 


Sometimes, due to no fault of our own, teeth can become stained and dirty. Dental teeth whitening is a relatively new treatment which is used to brighten and whiten teeth for enhanced aesthetic appeal. There are several teeth whitening treatments available to people who wish to dazzle their family, friends and acquaintances and become more.

The Effectiveness Of Fluoride In Preventing Cavities 


Maintaining good oral health is beneficial for your overall health. Good oral health is directly linked to better cardiovascular health, less risk of developing diabetes and osteoarthritis as well as a range of other outcomes. Fluoride is a fundamentally important part of oral health and plays a large role in preventing cavities which can damage.

What To Expect During A Root Canal


If your dentist has informed you that you require a root canal, chances are you probably have a few questions about the procedure. Despite the fact that modern dentistry has rendered root canals completely painless, knowledge is power and it can help to provide peace of mind when you know what to expect. In this.