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At Big Smiles we know that deciding on how to replace your missing tooth can be a difficult decision. We will guide you through the range of options so that you can be sure and confident with your decision


Dental implants are the most successful way of replacing a missing tooth. They are titanium posts that are inserted into the jaw bone and can be used to replace single teeth or to support a full line of teeth.

Once the implant integrates with the bone then a false tooth in the form of a crown is attached to the implant. These look and act like a normal tooth.

Dr David Fanous is Accredited by the exclusive Australian Society of Implant Dentistry ASID. He uses a completely pain free approach and with the latest technology can place the implant in as little as half an hour.

Due to the fact that we place a high volume of implants our costs are kept lower and we therefore can charge much lower than the average fee for implants.

Benefits of implants

  • Longest lasting tooth replacement option
  • Maintains bone height which would otherwise recede
  • Great aesthetic and functional result

4 implants used to support a porcelain bridge and replace all of her missing teeth:


This is a porcelain cap that sits over the tooth to reduce the chance of tooth fracture. It is required when a tooth has become heavily restored and thus susceptible to splitting

This is conducted over two visits, the first to prepare the tooth for a crown and the second to glue the crown in place.

Dental Crowns
Dental Bridges


A bridge is a fixed solution that replaces one or more teeth. These are two or more crowns connected together and placed over existing teeth. They look and feel like your own teeth and have the benefit of replacing a tooth in as little as one visit. Dental bridges are often made from porcelain, however other materials can be used.

Dental Bridges Before
Dental Bridges After