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The Trusted Dentist in Little Bay 

Big Smiles Dental exemplifies dental professionalism and expertise. Our dental clinic is located in the heart of Sydney’s eastern suburbs and has a long history of serving our patients with excellent care and advanced procedures.

In the rapidly advancing world of dental care, Big Smiles Dental remains a pillar of reliability and innovation. The clinic has grown its services over the years, always putting the needs of the Little Bay community at the forefront.

From general family dentistry, to specialised invisalign, or painless teeth alignment. Big Smiles Dental has a team of skilled professionals and uses modern technology to offer first class dental care.

Our clinic uses the state of the art equipment and provides advanced, evidence-based care to patients. We have comfortable and modern infrastructure in our facility. Community engagement remains a cornerstone of Big Smiles Dental’s ethos to assure patients they’re in good hands.

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With a number of options available, make your smile work flawlessly!

Smile Enhancement

Veneers and whitening will increase your confidence!

Restoring Missing Teeth

Affordably priced crowns and bridges to bring back what you lost.

No Gaps For Kids Check-up

Includes full check-up, clean, x-rays and fluoride treatment.

Caring for your entire family
for healthy and beautiful smiles.

Feel more confident with a smile that shines, and notice the difference in others, towards you.

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Welcome to

Big Smiles Dental - Your Dentist in Little Bay

Big Smiles at Little Bay is a family friendly dental practice that is committed to providing our clients with an enjoyable and painfree experience.

Dr David Fanous is one of Sydneys leading dentists in total smile makeovers. Through the use of teeth straightening, whitening, facial injectables and fillers, we have the tools to not just improve your teeth but enhance your smile.

  • White Fillings
  • Dental Implants
  • Root Canal Therapy
  • Crowns & Bridges
  • Porcelain Veneers
  • Composite Veneers
  • Dental Whitening
  • Preventive Care
  • Dental Extraction & Wisdom
  • Teeth
  • Teeth Straigthening
  • Anti-wrinkle Injections

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With a number of options available, make your smile work flawlessly!

Smile Enhancement

Veneers and whitening will increase your confidence!


Restoring Missing Teeth

Competitively prices crowns and bridges to bring back what you lost.

No Gaps For Kids Check-up

Includes full check-up, clean, x-rays and fluoride treatment.




FREE teeth straightening consults

For Invisalign and braces.

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No Gaps For Kids Check-ups

Includes full check-up, clean, x-rays and fluoride treatment.

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About Our Excellent Dentist in Little Bay

At the heart of Little Bay’s dental community stands our esteemed clinic, renowned for its dedication to dental excellence. Our dentists are experts in the field, they bring a wealth of experience and a meticulous approach to patient care. Beyond their technical expertise, our clinic emphasizes the importance of building genuine patient-doctor relationships. 

We value clear communication, which enables patients to share their concerns and actively participate in their dental health. Our open dialogue lets us customize treatments for each patient, building trust and respect. We uphold high professional standards, excel in dental science, and create a reassuring environment for our patients

At Big Smiles Dental, every visit offers personalized care and advanced techniques. We aim to treat and educate, so patients leave with a better smile and knowledge of their oral health

Why Choose Big Smiles Dental?

What sets us apart? The decision to select a dental clinic hinges on professionalism, expertise, and trust. At Big Smiles Dental, we pride ourselves on seamlessly blending these attributes.

Beyond mere treatment, we understand that a holistic approach to dental health is vital. We learn about our patients’ dental habits and concerns to offer personalized and complete dental care. Our focus on preventive care and the use of advanced treatment shows our strong commitment to excellence.

As a premier dentist in the eastern suburbs, our reputation reflects our dedication to oral health. Our team of dedicated professionals uses cutting-edge technology, ensuring each patient receives the best in dental care. We prioritize patient comfort, making each visit both informative and stress-free. If you need a reliable general or emergency dentist in the eastern suburbs, choose Big Smiles Dental.

Our Quality-Guaranteed Treatments

We provide treatments that focus on your oral health and appearance, leading the way in dental and orthodontic care. Our commitment to quality is unmatched, ensuring every procedure meets the highest standards.

General Dentistry

Providing routine check-ups and essential treatments to maintain overall oral health for the community of Little Bay.


The nearly “invisible” system for teeth straightening. Invisalign is a popular solution among those seeking cosmetic dental care provided by our orthodontist in the eastern suburbs.

Traditional Braces

Our skilled orthodontist in Little Bay provides effective methods to correct teeth misalignments and enhance smiles.

Smile Enhancement

We design a range of cosmetic procedures to improve and perfect your smile, instilling confidence in every expression


Professional dental cleanings to maintain oral health, prevent potential issues, and ensure a bright, healthy smile.

Restore Missing Teeth

Offering various solutions to address and bridge gaps caused by missing teeth, restoring both functionality and appearance.

White Fillings

We utilize modern materials that match the natural colour of your teeth, ensuring both functionality and aesthetic enhancement.

Dental Implants

We provide dental implants as a permanent solution for missing teeth. We securely anchor them to the jawbone, ensuring stability and a natural appearance

Root Canal

A necessary procedure for saving infected or decayed teeth, aiming to restore both the tooth’s function and appearance.

Crown Bridges

Custom-made prosthetics to replace or cover damaged teeth, restoring both the functionality and aesthetics of your smile.


We apply thin layers of porcelain or composite material to the front of your teeth, instantly transforming and enhancing your smile

Teeth Whitening

Our professional teeth whitening services will elevate your smile’s brightness safely and effectively

Preventative Care

Focusing on early detection and prevention of oral health issues to ensure long-term oral well-being.

Dental Extraction & Wisdom Teeth

Safe and minimally painful extractions performed by our expert Dentist in Little Bay, including complex wisdom teeth removals.

Anti Wrinkle Injection

Extending beyond traditional dental services to offer anti-wrinkle injections, enhancing your youthful appearance and complementing your radiant smile.

We believe that post-treatment care is as essential as the treatment itself. Our team remains available for any questions or concerns you might have after your visit, ensuring your complete comfort and satisfaction

At Big Smiles Dental, we’re committed to delivering excellent care to Little Bay residents in every dental treatment. Our services are very accessible. We know dental issues can come up suddenly, so our emergency dentistry is always ready for our patients.

Servicing Eastern Suburbs Wide

At Big Smiles Dental, we proudly serve the Sydney’s eastern suburbs, going beyond just Little Bay. Our hours of operation, location and dedicated team of customer service make it convenient for everyone to access our services.

Our purpose is to make quality care easily accessible to everyone in the eastern suburbs. For all your dental needs, please call us at 02 9921 1799 to book an appointment. The Big Smiles Dental team is at your service and ready to assist you.