Myobrace: What Is It and How Does It Work?

24 / 04 / 2024

Myobrace is a groundbreaking no-braces approach that is reshaping smiles worldwide. If you’re exploring whether Myobrace could be the right choice for your child, you’ve come to the perfect spot. In this article, we’ll be breaking down what Myobrace is, how it works and its beneficial outcomes for the right candidates.

What is Myobrace?

Myobrace is a preventive pre-orthodontic treatment that targets the root causes of crooked teeth, primarily by correcting poor oral habits that impact dental and facial development. Aimed at children between 3 to 15 years, Myobrace involves a series of removable intraoral appliances worn for about one to two hours daily and overnight.

This system goes beyond merely straightening teeth; it promotes optimal facial development and overall health improvements without the need for braces or tooth extractions.

How Does Myobrace Work?

The Myobrace system is built on several key principles aimed at rectifying myofunctional habits—like mouth breathing, incorrect tongue positions, and improper swallowing. Here’s how it fosters healthier habits:

Stage 1: Habit Correction

In the first stage, Myobrace teaches children to breathe through their noses instead of their mouths. This change is crucial for healthy dental and facial development.

Stage 2: Arch Development

As children grow, Myobrace works to expand the dental arch. This ensures there is enough room for incoming teeth, which reduces crowding and misalignment.

Stage 3: Dental Alignment

At this stage, the focus shifts to naturally aligning the teeth as the child’s permanent teeth appear.

Stage 4: Retention

The final stage emphasises keeping up the healthy habits developed during treatment to ensure long-term results and stability.

Does Myobrace Really Work?

Research shows that Myobraces are one of the most effective ways to solve common teeth alignment problems for kids. These problems include: poor jaw development, overcrowding, malocclusion, overcrowding and more. 

Success with Myobrace strongly depends on wearing the appliances as recommended and actively participating in the exercises provided. With consistent use, many patients see significant improvements not only in teeth alignment but also in overall facial development and health. 

Myobrace for Adults: Addressing Improper Breathing

While traditionally designed for children, there is a growing interest in Myobrace for adults, particularly for those who suffer from chronic mouth breathing or improper breathing during sleep. Mouth breathing can lead to a range of issues, from dry mouth and halitosis to more serious conditions like sleep apnea. For adults struggling with these issues, Myobrace offers a potential solution by retraining the oral musculature to support proper nasal breathing, which can improve sleep quality and overall respiratory health. If you’re interested in this aspect of Myobrace treatment, you can consult with a dental professional at Big Smiles Dental to assess your suitability for this therapy.

Myobrace for Overbite and Other Dental Concerns

Myobrace effectively treats various dental issues such as overbites, underbites, and crowding without the invasiveness of traditional braces. For specific conditions like overbites, specialised appliances within the Myobrace system are used to correct jaw positioning and related dental structures.

Comparing Myobrace with Other Orthodontic Treatments

Myobrace is unique because it starts addressing the causes of teeth misalignment early on. It is more proactive compared to other options like Invisalign and traditional braces, which often treat issues only after they have developed.

Myobrace versus Traditional Braces

Traditional braces use wires and brackets that can cause discomfort and mouth irritation. They may also require tooth extractions to create space, which can make someone feel self-conscious. On the other hand, Myobrace is non-invasive and mainly worn at night, making the treatment discreet. It focuses on correcting the underlying causes of misalignment, providing lasting results without the need for permanent retainers.

Myobrace versus Invisalign

Myobrace is specifically designed for children. It helps correct poor oral habits and underdeveloped jaws and is not suitable for adults. In contrast, Invisalign is suitable for all ages and offers a less visible way to straighten teeth than traditional braces.

Cost of Myobrace

The cost of Myobrace treatment can vary, depending on factors like the number of doctor visits, the specific needs of the patient, and how well the patient responds to the treatment. Starting treatment early can be more cost-effective since it might require less time and fewer interventions to achieve the desired results.

How long does myobrace take to work?

The length of time Myobrace treatment takes depends on the child’s age, the severity of their dental issues, and how well they stick to the treatment plan. It can range from several months to a few years, requiring regular check-ups and adjustments.

Find a Myobrace Dentist

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At Big Smiles Dental, we’re dedicated to delivering advanced treatments that not only create beautiful smiles but also foster lifelong health benefits. Myobrace is just one of the innovative methods we use to help our patients achieve optimal oral health and aesthetics.