Will Wisdom Tooth Pain Go Away?

09 / 02 / 2021

Yes, the pain might go away after some time. However, the pain can be too much or there’s an infection. It’s always best to have the dentist look at it and tell you the next course of action (most likely tooth extraction to ensure long-term relief).

Will wisdom tooth pain go away?

When wisdom teeth finally come out, there’s not enough space for them. As a result, they push through the gums and come out at an awkward angle. When they push through the gums, it can cause pain and swelling. In addition, the gums get vulnerable and introduce spots for food particles to get trapped and for bacteria to thrive 24/7. When this happens, gum disease, infections and abscesses might result.

The pain and swelling should be addressed quickly because of the discomfort and possibly intolerable pain. At home you can deal with the pain through ibuprofen, ice pack and saltwater rinse. They can provide some relief but the pain can still go back anytime. Also, if there’s an infection it might get worse and lead to costly surgeries.

As a result, it’s often best to have the wisdom tooth extracted if you want long-term relief (and peace of mind because it’s dealt with once and for all). Also, the removal of the impacted or partially erupted wisdom tooth can prevent damage to neighbouring teeth. It’s a great way of addressing the pain and concern as well as protecting your entire oral health.

Whatever the biological, developmental or evolutionary reason for wisdom teeth, it should be looked at whenever there’s a concern. The dentist can do a thorough examination and assessment first and see if it’s indeed because of the impacted or partially erupted wisdom teeth. After the assessment, the dentist will talk about the results of the diagnosis and the treatment options available.

The actual procedure can start with numbing the area. The dental surgery can then proceed to making small cuts around the tooth and probably the tooth will need to be cut first into smaller pieces. That’s because of the partial eruption and the awkward angle of how the tooth comes out. Due to this difficulty, the dental surgery can last for 20 minutes or more. After the procedure, there might still be pain for a week or two to give way for healing and recovery.

In exchange for that a bit of discomfort, the result will be long-term relief and peace of mind. Although the procedure is still discomforting, the dentist can make the procedure fast and painless. After all, it’s a scary procedure that many people keep putting off (probably because the pain might go away sooner or later). However, the pain and lingering discomfort can disrupt your home and work life. The pain can make it extremely difficult to focus on everyday tasks, which is why it’s always an urgent concern when it comes to our teeth and gums.

Here at Big Smiles Dental we’re always quick when addressing those urgent dental concerns. We always make the procedures fast and painless so that patients can better focus on the recovery and the resulting long-term relief. Contact us today and let’s talk about your wisdom tooth or any other dental concerns you might have now.