No Gaps For Kids Under 18 With Regular Children’s Dentist Visits

02 / 09 / 2020

At Big Smiles Dental we offer full check-up, clean, x-rays and fluoride treatment with our No Gaps For Kids service. It is recommended that kids and adults get their teeth checked and cleaned every 6 months to maintain optimum health and to catch any signs of early decay before it becomes more serious.

We understand that children’s oral health later in life is significantly impacted by the care and diligence taken to look after teeth and gums. Jaw bone development and the development of adult teeth are impacted strongly by the care taken of baby teeth. The best way to care for teeth is to regularly see a dentist.

We want to stress the importance of having children checked from the age of 3-4, ideally so that we can catch any bad habits such as tongue thrust, thumb sucking, tongue, lip tie and mouth breathing, etc, that can impact the development of the child’s teeth and jaw. If we catch these things early we can perform early preventative measures to encourage healthy development and growth and prevent the need for braces when they’re older. We would do this with preventative orofacial myofunctional therapy techniques.

There is a lot of new research that suggests myofunctional therapy can help improve issues such as sleep apnoea, improves speech, jaw dysfunction, headaches, etc. It is ideal to catch bad habits early for treatment to be successful. By investing n treatment early, future issues can easily be prevented.

Big Smiles Dental is up to date with the most recent research in early preventative techniques in paediatric dentistry. We understand that some dentists offer surgically invasive treatments and we tend to stick away from this unless absolutely necessary. We instead recommend regular check-ups.

By ensuring your young children get their teeth checked regularly, you instil in them a sense of good oral care which lasts. Children’s smiles will develop into beautiful grins that you will cherish along with a regimen of good oral care and regular trips to the dentist. See your paediatric dentist every six months.

Finally, if we notice something amiss in your children’s mouths we will be sure to prompt you before beginning therapy. We completely understand the hassle of last minute early childcare and do our utmost to prepare for every situation. Ask us how your health fund can cover your children’s dental fees.

Therapy or other dental treatments may be needed if there is a serious issue with the alignment of your child’s teeth. While orofacial myofunctional therapy techniques are effective, there are cases where they’re not enough to completely reverse naturally occurring damage to the teeth and jaw.

Oral hygiene starts with visiting the dentist regularly. Dental visits compound advice about best dental care and dental health. Get in touch with the professional oral health therapists at our dental clinic today. Our dental services will bulk bill and ensure your children’s teeth are looked after.

Regardless of whether it’s orofacial myofunctional therapy or something more serious, like orthodontic treatment, we’ll professionally handle any and all issues with your child’s oral health. Our methods are shown again and again as effective and we only charge our loyal clients affordable fees.