Mouthguards for Sport – Why it’s worth visiting your dentist

17 / 11 / 2021

Those who play contact sports are at risk of experiencing dental injuries, which is why many choose to wear a mouthguard to protect their teeth. Active children can also benefit from wearing a mouthguard, such as when skateboarding or bike riding. Whilst over the counter mouthguards are an option, a custom mouthguard from your dentist is a better choice as it will offer better protection and a secure fit. In this blog post, Big Smiles Dental will be highlighting some of the key reasons why it’s worth visiting your dentist to get a mouthguard.


Why Visit Your Dentist in Little Bay for a Mouthguard? 

The human mouth is complex and unique to each individual. Whilst you can walk into a sports store anywhere in Australia and purchase a mouthguard, it is unlikely to fit properly and may be a hindrance to your athletic performance. One of the more common problems experienced with off the shelf mouthguards is slipping and rubbing, which can irritate the gums and may lead to injury. 

Visiting Big Smiles Dental for a custom mouthguard will ensure an optimal fit, as a mould of your teeth will be taken during the consultation and used to fabricate your mouthguard. As dentists, we treat sports-related dental emergencies on a regular basis, and in most cases these injuries can be prevented by wearing a properly fitted mouthguard. Injuries can happen at any moment, particularly in fast paced contact sports such as rugby, and a custom mouthguard will offer excellent protection against dental injury. 


How is a Custom Mouthguard Made

Custom mouthguards are made to suit the individual, and they can be obtained from any dentist. Firstly, an impression of your teeth will be taken using either a digital 3D scanner or traditional trays. This will allow the dental laboratory to fabricate a mouthguard which matches your teeth and gum line perfectly. 

There are usually three types of mouthguards available:


  • Single Layer Mouthguard
  • Dual Layer Mouthguard
  • Dual layer mouthguard with hard insert



For children, a single layer mouthguard is recommended as it is more flexible, less bulky and will not adversely affect teeth development. Those who participate in contact sports can benefit from either a dual layer or dual layer with hard insert mouthguard, which provide extra shock and jaw protection.


The Benefits of a Custom Mouth Guard

In opting for a custom mouth guard from your dentist, you will enjoy the following benefits:

Superior Comfort – Unlike over-the-counter mouthguards which take a ‘one size fits all’ approach, your custom mouthguard will feel comfortable and secure when worn. A poor fitting mouthguard can cause ongoing pain and discomfort, as well as hinder your sporting performance.

Excellent Protection – A properly fitted mouthguard is much better at absorbing force, and it will not irritate the gums. In opting for a dentist supplied mouthguard, you can rest assured that in the event of trauma your mouthguard will do its job at protecting your teeth. 

Clearer Speech – When it comes to team sports, communication is key. A poorly fitted mouthguard will tend to distort and muffle speech, but a custom mouthguard will ensure clear and precise speech as it will remain securely in place. 

Durability – A custom mouthguard made from dental clay will typically last longer than an off the shelf mouthguard.


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