How Can You Prevent Bad Breath

15 / 02 / 2021

Haliotosis, or bad breath, is a condition that affects 25% of people globally. While it is common, bad breath can be embarrassing for people. Here are five tips to prevent bad breath and stay hygienic all day long.


  • Brush Your Teeth and Floss


Brush your teeth twice per day for at least two to three minutes. Doing so removes plaque and food particles from your teeth. Also, floss in between your teeth. Flossing in between teeth catches any food that the toothbrush cannot reach.


  • Drink lots of water throughout the day


Drink lots of water throughout the day; as close to 3L as possible. This will freshen the mouth and wash away bacteria from the teeth. Drink water throughout the day to freshen your mouth. Eat lots of fruit and vegetables such as carrots and apples to promote saliva production in the mouth.


  • Avoid tobacco products


Avoid tobacco products because they cause really bad breath. Tobacco reduces saliva production which dries out the mouth and leaves a smell that lingers for a long time, even after brushing your teeth. As well as bad breath, tobacco products cause a myriad of health problems that can be tough to reverse.


  • Scrape your tongue


Scrape your tongue like there’s no tomorrow because bacteria tend to breed in the folds of the tongue throughout the day and cause bad breath. You can clean your tongue by using the back of a toothbrush, if made from perforated rubber. Otherwise, the bristles can be used to do so.


  • Talk to Your Dentist


If you are doing everything you can to keep your mouth clean and suffer from bad breath, make an appointment with your dentist so they can check to see if there are any issues with your oral health. Your dentist can prescribe oral medication or a specific cleaning regimen if the quality of your breath if still poor. They may also refer you to a specialist if your bad breath is a consequence of an infection or other condition.

Because of the nature of the condition, bad breath can be tough to talk about. It can cause anxiety to those experiencing it, but is easily treated with some simple attention to personal hygiene and a trip to the dentist.

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