No time to visit the dentist? We’re just minutes away here at Big Smiles Dental via Anzac Pde (we’re located at Shop 1 /2-8 Pine Ave Little Bay and you can phone us at 02 9921-1799.

People from Maroubra and the surrounds visit our practice whether they need to get their teeth whiter or for general dentistry concerns (tooth extraction, veneers, root canal, braces and more). They do this to get rid of the pain or just get ready for the Maroubra Beach (get more confident and more sociable). Patients also visit us when they prepare for a social gathering or a major career or business event.

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Yes, it’s tempting to just stay at home or get some fresh air at Heffron Park or Nagle Park instead of visiting a dental clinic after an exhausting day or week. But perhaps a 30-minute visit will make a huge difference to your daily confidence. This will also finally get rid of the worries about your gums and teeth.

Here at Big Smiles Dental we always aim for a quick, painless and positive experience. Many of our patients even feel that it’s refreshing because finally they got a brighter smile or the pain already went away. These patients have already received excellent results when it comes to the following treatments that we do:

Dental services Maroubra

Busy patients choose us because of our friendly and gentle approach. Although we are efficient at what we do because of our gained experience, we still take the time to explain each available treatment before moving forward. After all it’s our goal to make it a smooth and positive experience for everyone (especially children and anxious patients).

Whether it’s dental whitening, tooth extraction, dental implant or teeth straightening, patients choose Big Smiles Dental because of our friendly, gentle and professional approach. Phone us today at (02) 9921-1799. Whether it’s a weekday (Monday to Friday, 9:30am to 6:30pm) or Saturday (by appointment), it’s the best time today to gain a brighter and more confident smile.