The La Perouse Museum shows us an important glimpse of the past beyond that of the 1787-1788 expedition of Comte de Lapérouse. Across several rooms of exhibits we can see and feel what it’s like to be in those years and we can even better appreciate the Aboriginal stories.

It’s always important to look back once in a while, even if we’re busy in the present and looking forward in the future. Whether we’re scuba diving around the La Perouse peninsula or we’re planning the trajectory of our career or business, knowing the community and Aboriginal histories can fill us with better appreciation about our home suburb.

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We’re also fond of looking back here at Big Smiles Dental. We always think of how we’ve helped people gain beautiful, attractive and natural-looking smiles. People from La Perouse and the surrounds continuously thank us for our services which include the following:

Whether it’s a standard dental extraction or a complex dental implant, we have the professional capabilities to get the job done according to the highest standards. And yes, we also take a warm and friendly approach when performing each dental procedure. It’s one of the reasons both kids and adults love our team.

Dental services La Perouse

Oral health and oral aesthetics (as well as facial aesthetics) often come hand in hand. However, having perfect oral health might not still be enough. It’s also great to have the teeth straightened out and that each tooth looks perfect in front of the mirror.

Here you can avail of our teeth straightening and dental whitening services. For example, when it comes to teeth straightening you have some options including invisalign (extremely popular because of the use of clear thin mouthguards). On the other hand, you can also talk to us about how to whiten your teeth or make them more beautiful and attractive (e.g. use of veneers).

Whether it’s general or cosmetic dentistry, our professional team here can deliver the results you require and want. We’ll thoroughly discuss your options and communicate with you what to expect. Rest assured that we have seen it all through our long years of experience. If you contact us today, we can immediately discuss your dental concerns and we’ll provide you with the most effective options.